Empower yourself through art workshops

Introduction to intuitive art as a way to connect with your inner self



Module 1 - Intuitive painting (25.05.2023)
Lift your creative blockage and enjoy the process of creating art.
In this session you will be introduced to experimental art techniques that will enable you to make abstract art in a fun and intuitive way. We will beat your inner critic so that you can win self-confidence. You will learn how to trust your own creative process by following your hands and your intuition.
Goal: Reconnect with your inner child and learn how to trust your intuition while making art.

Module 2 - Mindfulness painting (15.06.2023)
Balancing out our inner world onto paper.
In this expressive art session you will identify your emotions and visualize and express them in a creative way. In a mindful manner you engage in the creative process of making art as a way to explore yourself. Human beings are born with a range of emotions from happiness, to anger, anxiety and joy. Just like breathing is normal for us humans, it is also normal for us to feel. Ignoring our feelings can lead to unhappiness, stress and worst case to life threatening illnesses. At times it is hard to identify and to express our emotions but the ability to do so leads to a deeper connection with ourselves.
Goal: Become more self-aware by expressing your emotions through art.

Module 3 - Find your life path through art (22.06.2023)
Guided imagery journey and intuitive painting.
In this session we will zoom into your subconsciousness from an art therapeutic approach. You will be able to identify the challenges in your life and learn how to deal with them by the means of art-making. Maybe you want to make a change in your life but you don’t know how? Could it be that you have gotten the advice from others: follow your heart, your gut feeling ! Easier said than done, right? Probably you already figured out that your intuition is your best advisor? How do you get access to your intuition?
Goal: Tap into your subconsciousness and find out what you really want in your life.

Module 4 - Self-exploration with clay (29.06.2023)
Explore the benefits of clay art on your well-being.
Mindful clay work is a way to keep your hands busy and your minds at ease. Working with clay is beneficial for your well-being, your mental health and is an ideal way to tune in to your needs and boost your self-confidence. You don’t need to have any experience with clay to take part at this session.
Goal: Create, play, connect with your inner world.

Module 5 - Vision board workshop (06.07.2023)
Collage art.
If you can dream it, you can do it. By beating the feeling of being stuck (not knowing our path), a personal vision statement can help people bring more clarity, balance and reduce stress. Research has shown that visualizing your big dreams, increases the chance of achieving them. Instead of focusing only on people’s cognitive thinking, people will be challenged to visualize their future with their hands. Answers to these questions could be answered during the creative process: What is important to you? What do you need? What do you want to accomplish?
Goal: Reflect on your life and goals and enable you to dream big and create a vision for your future.

Course costs excl. material (CHF 80).

The modules are also bookable individually (CHF 150/module). Please contact us by email (kontakt@loreto-zug.ch).

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